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5 min readMay 27, 2021
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In recent years, personal assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri have gotten bigger and bigger. Bigger here means that they have daily users who rely on their features to help them day and night. They can be found in smart home speakers and devices such as phones and tablets; each has its own advantages and functions. The revolutionary of AI technology development is now on the rise. As more digital personal assistants can help people doing their tasks and routine or set reminders of their day-on-day schedules. But which is the best personal assistant and which one will best suit your needs? Although has some other features, like Samsung’s Bixby, we focused on a summary of the three main assistants (Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri) to help you understand their uses, functions, and devices that you can use to find them. If you want to learn more about a function, we will have a separate function for each function.

Which one suits you the most?

Now those managing interpersonal relationships aren’t hard enough yet, we need to worry about talking to artificial people to take advantage of the best smart home devices. We ask a series of questions about both Alexa, Siri, and the Google Assistant, and evaluate and test their ability to provide smart home features, entertainment options, directions, shopping features, and more. did. These three helpers offer many of the same features, but each has its own strengths and weaknesses. And, of course, all three are evolving rapidly. After aggregating the results, I discovered that the Google Assistant was the best virtual assistant narrowing Alexa. But the best Google Home-enabled devices never outperform the best Alexa-enabled or best HomeKit devices. It varies from house to house, so you need to decide what kind of assistant is right for me. You can also use multiple as needed.

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Google Assistant

The Google Assistant may be the smartest and most dynamic personal assistant. Was launched in 2016 as a Google Now extension. Not only does it provide custom elements (get information from Google Calendar, Gmail, and other Google services), but it also understands context, recognizes different voice profiles, and supports continuous conversations like Other Features and Interpreter Mode. In short, you can use the Google Assistant to control compatible smart home devices, control music, access information on the calendar, act as a real-time translator, run timers, alarms, and reminders, use Duo to call contacts, and search online. Information and content playback on Chromecast devices, etc. Google Assistant can be found on many devices, from Nest and Google Home smart speakers and displays, third-party smart speakers and displays, Google Pixel phones, Android phones and Wear OS smartwatches to headphones and earphones.

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Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa may be the most popular personal assistant. It is the assistant who turns the assistant into something. Amazon put Alexa on the original Echo speaker in 2014, but since then, the available Echo devices have expanded rapidly, so Alexa has been seen in millions of homes around the world. Like Google Assistant, Alexa will perform multiple tasks for you and control multiple systems, and the wake word “Alexa” is more personalized than “Hey Google” or “Hey Siri”. Just like Google Assistant, Alexa will control compatible smart home devices, control music, run timers, reminders, and alarms, search for information online, play content on Amazon Fire devices, read newsletters, call Alexa, enter more content. Compared to other personal assistants, the obvious advantage of Alexa lies in its compatibility with applications and services. Even if they quickly catch up with Apple, they have a longer list of apps than Google or Apple. You’ll find Alexa on a host of devices, not just a host of available Echo speakers and devices, but also third-party speakers, Fire devices, some Fitbit devices, and even some cars. Amazon even put Alexa in the microwave, teddy bear, and watch in the past.

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Siri is the first digital and modern personal assistant and probably the most interesting one. Apple provided silicon for standalone apps from its first App Store in 2010 but has been hard-coded into its iOS software since 2011 after Apple acquired the company. Like Google Assistant and Alexa, Siri performs a variety of tasks, gets information from a variety of Apple services, and provides a more personalized experience. It also allows the use of natural language, which is nifty but possible (lacking others). Siri controls compatible smart home devices, opens apps, calls contacts, sends letters, sets alarms and alarms, looks for information online, and recommends Perform various tasks, such as making jokes. Read different features of different ways to explode laughter with Siri. The main difference between Siri compared to Google Assistant and Alexa is that Siri can only be used on Apple devices. You can find Siri for all cars with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, MacBook, iMac, HomePod speakers, and Apple CarPlay. You also need an iOS device.

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The modern life has changed so many people and their habit, thus driving them to utilize what technology advancement already offer today. With the rise of personal assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri to help their daily basic needs. People are going to have an easier life with less friction in their routine. The help of AI intelligence can improve life productivity by providing useful features to the users. But, we can’t just rely our duties and activities on these assistants if we won’t be the lazy person that denies the regular activity. Technology is provided to support us, not to degenerate us.

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