How to Increase User Engagement on Your Website

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In this digital era, the website becomes vital in the marketing strategy. People are spent most of their time on screen nowadays. By providing a website page, you can have your own audience with an internet connection — no need to print thousands of flyers and strolls around the city to spread a campaign. The strategy to set promotion and target the right market should adapt to this habitual change. This is the new challenge for marketers and business players to step up their game on marketing strategy by utilizing the digitalized platform.

What is user engagement?

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With a stable website that you’ve already provided. Now, you can step further to maintain your user engagement. User engagement allows you to know how many visitors visited your website. It also gives you information about how your visitors interacted with your website. Many other benefits like visitor’s demographics and interest information given by user engagement may help you develop your website better. There are four types of user engagement.

  1. Curious
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The most common reason why people are visiting your website is their curiosity. They will reach your website by clicking links or popping up after they hit the search box. Usually, they will stare at your website in seconds before they leave. This was the golden moment when they would decide to stay at your website to do other interactions or just left it there. How attractive your website determines the next action of your visitors.

2. Readers

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Visitors who stayed at your website are categorized as readers. They will read and absorb the information you have already given on the website. The number of readers can be measured by how related your content with their interest. Readers will stay on your website if they found that your website provides solutions for their needs.

3. Social Media Share

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When visitors are interested in your website and found that your content was helpful, they will voluntarily share your website with the others. They can share it on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This can be a positive impact on your website’s progress. You can reach your website awareness wider and gain more visitors from it for free without any effort.

4. Conversion

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The most important kind of user engagement is a conversion. A conversion means when a regular visitor turns into a customer who would buy or take what you’ve already offered. Achieving customers is one of the website goals. It means your strategy to promote and targeting market is successful. Maintain and improve your website to turn more visitors to become a customer and keep your existing customer stayed.

How to increase user engagement then?

  1. Faster Page Reloading

The most important thing to increase the engagement of your website is keeping your page at its finest. You need to check how responsive your website page loading was. Mind the bounce rate of your page. Is it too slow or stable enough to load at a time? Ensure your website’s landing page didn’t consume too much data to load, or your visitors will be disappointed and left your website soon.

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2. Prominent Layout

An attractive website may gain more visitor rather than the bored one. Being attractive didn’t mean to be crowded. Too many graphics, photos, or information given on the website will confuse readers and visitors. Designing a good website layout composition will cost you a lot of time to think. But, it will give you better results on providing a good website design. Keep everything simple and easier to digest. Give something that stands out as your hook to gain visitor interest.

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3. Know what customers need

Gain more visitors to reach your website by providing what they really need. Predict what they need by collecting data about your customers. You can start by defining your consumer by their demographic and behavioral aspect. Then, choose at which point you can provide them with your offering.

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4. Understandable content

After knowing which potential market you can provide, make the content understandable by them. Providing relatable content so the readers can digest your message easier and understood the information you give.

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5. Interactive communication

You can provide interactive communication to facilitate your visitor if they have any questions about your given information. Sometimes there is some website visitor who can’t fully understand your content. So they need a tool to ask for some detailed information directly to the website owner or management. You can add textbox, mailbox, or live video chat so the visitors can interact with you.

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6. Build awareness

Build your website awareness to reach and gain more visitors. You can use customized ads like Facebook ads or Google AdSense. By utilizing customized ads, your website will reach more visitors with the right targeted market as you segmented before. It will cost you some expenses, but the engagement result will be better increased.

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7. Observe visitor’s experience

Take your time to observe and monitor how visitors interacted with your website. You can receive any suggestions and demands from your interactive communication features. It will be easier for you to review your website performance and develop it to gain visitor satisfaction.

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8. Make CTA ( Call to Action ) interesting

CTA or Call to Action is one of the business strategies to increase interaction that will be taken by the customer. At the digital platform, CTA becomes the prominent aspect of the conversion rate rise. The most common CTA forms are imperative buttons like “shop now!” “add to cart” or “visit our social media.” Make this feature more substantially attractive for the visitor. You can give a stand out shape or color on your CTA. It can increase the engagement and conversion rate of your website.

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With the increase of population with different backgrounds rolls on, the way people interact with the website will differ in the upcoming years. There will be many possibilities for interaction between people and the website you provided. So, stay creative and keep your website up to date with the current necessities around.

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We are a comprehensive digital product agency specializing in UI/UX design & development of websites and mobile applications, IoT, AI, and custom software dev.

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