Millennials Wallet: How E-wallet Change Our Lives

Illustration by Teddy Tri Murdianto

Don't mix up between e-wallet and e-money; e-wallet is a digital device, services, or software that allows users to safely store multiple payment cards and bank accounts and make transactions; e-money is more like an electronic monetary value that used for making payments to the various entity. Certainly, digital connectivity heavily impacts our lives. It changes our way of doing errands and daily routines. The mobile phone has become one of the necessities in our life.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

We were usually inseparable with our devices, having the option of using our devices as a payment tool, making lives simpler. It eliminates the moment that you didn’t bring any cash or credit cards on hand. Digital generations rarely bring any cash with them. They used to make cashless transactions with their cards and even mobile phones. Millennials are the earliest adopters in this current culture. This has changed our way of consuming, the way we are thinking of consuming, and the transaction process's expectations. With all of the perks and flexibility of an e-wallet, does it really give us advantages over the traditional payment method?


The time needed for the transactions is one of the major attraction. No more waiting for your change, an e-wallet transaction easily done by scanning your mobile phone. It also helps you for paying online transportation through the app.


It is so easy to loose your wallet or get stolen. While with e-wallet protected by layers of security. Even if your mobile phone was stolen, it is not easy to break through the security. There’s multi-factored authentication and biometric identification to secure your e-wallet.


With e-wallet you can manage your various finances account. You can track your spending, manage your cards, and easily wiring money to friends or family. These feature attracted people as you can keep track your expenditure, helping you to be discipline financially.


Making purchase with e-wallet also giving you all kinds of rewards such as cashback, discounts, and loyalty points. These little perks is very popular among digital generation.

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Technology changing the way we live. Physical wallet has starting to replaced by e-wallet, just like how cd players succeeded by mp3 player and music streaming services. Adopting cashless culture will definitely help you to keep up with the technology development and make your life easier.

Contributor : Triasihayulestari




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Glovory Tech

We are a comprehensive digital product agency specializing in UI/UX design & development of websites and mobile applications, IoT, AI, and custom software dev.

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