On-Demand Service App Sees a Huge Rise During Coronavirus Pandemic

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When we thought everything was going to be okay, there came the most significant change not just in our lives but in the entire world, “The Coronavirus.” People have started living in fear now. The roads seem less busy, the offices look closed, cabs run empty, construction sites are at pause, and so on. Why is that so? The answer is fear, the fear of getting infected from Coronavirus. All of us thought of it as a small temporary illness. No one knew it would become an inseparable part of our lives, create such a huge impact, lock us in our homes, distance us from our friends, relatives, workplace, colleagues, hobbies, travel, and everything else.

On the other hand, people want to be able to live freely like before. But, even after the little relaxation in the restrictions laid, people are not going bonkers about it. They step out only for necessities like groceries and medication. These have changed our lifestyle and made us shift to digital platforms. One of the biggest things we are grateful for is with on-demand delivery service even these things arrive at your doorstep. So, what’s your choice of getting things these days, going to the stores or ordering online? The majority of the people have shifted to on-demand service apps. The trend is not new but witnessed a rise during Coronavirus pandemic.

The craze of on-demand service apps is spreading like Coronavirus at the moment. But, what is on-demand service app itself? An on-demand service app creates a bridge between business owners and actual users. This category of the app provides direct access to the user to the products and services they are looking for. A particular target audience is setting while developing these apps. It means users don’t have to faff around looking for their desired service. It entails speed and convenience to the users.

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The industry revolves around three essentials; suppliers, business owners, and users. All three essential parties can connect at one single point and make the communication and transaction easier. Mobile app developers build an app based on the specific requirements of the business owner to deliver what they expect. The app caters to all the expectations of users, using the trending technology and appropriate platform for best revenue generation. By launching the best app with the trending technology, the users can easily access the services or products offered by the business.

One of the primary reasons why on-demand service apps get a high demand from users during coronavirus outbreak is they want safe at home. Most of the time, people were inside their homes, practicing social distancing, and couldn’t go out for their daily chores. But, apps have been a blessing to keep the things moving while the world was at a break. This has caused a sudden increase in the demand for on-demand services apps. There are other reasons why on-demands service apps have become so popular recently. Here are some of the essential reasons why:

  • Contactless payment and delivery

Some of the on-demand service apps have contactless payment and delivery options, making users still safe and easy to make a payment virtually through their app. People have shifted from body contact with others to ‘Namaste’ because of the fear of getting infected by Coronavirus. Providing no-touch deliveries or payment is one of the most essential elements everybody is looking for these days.

On-demand apps have this best feature for the current times, “contactless payment and delivery.” The majority of the people worldwide use one of the on-demand service apps to cater to their needs during the outbreak period. Because these apps follow government guidelines, maintain social distancing, and deliver all the products without any contact.

  • Instant service

This is one of the reasons why on-demand service apps increased. They provide a fast and convenient shopping service to the user. On-demand service apps have eradicated going out, waiting up in the queue, coming in contact with people, and stocking up supplies. It’s easy, you just need to open the app, select your required items, place orders, and they are all waiting at your door to be received.

These apps are serving the basic needs of people. Needs that are important and cannot be compromised at any cost. These apps are building customers by introducing various other features. For example, food delivery apps are introducing a “zero contact” delivery service, and they are ensuring that the restaurant that you are ordering your food from matches WHO cleanliness guidelines perfectly. On grocery apps, they help people buy their basic essential stuff to allow people to cook a proper meal.

  • Multiple services

Users always look for options while buying; they come shopping for a pair of shoes they will leave with a bag and a pair of earrings also. If you provide them with multiple products, some of them will definitely end up buying all of them even if they don’t need it.

Good for business, isn’t it? It is great for users as well.

You can book the flight tickets from an app and book a shuttle bus as well from the same app. Users might love the concept of an on-demand multi-service app.

  • Added channel for revenue
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

On the one hand, on-demand service apps provide door to door deliveries, a flair for users. On the other hand, it is an excellent opportunity for the business to make money. In the current situation, people rely heavily on the apps for their routine, which gives the business a chance to take advantage of this situation and make money.

On-demand service apps have the capability of changing user behavior, especially during the Coronavirus outbreak. In terms of this emergency and on this unpredictable situation, on-demand service apps will continue to increase in the coming future. And on-demand app development companies are more likely to see a growth in terms of demand for on-demand apps. If you need to build your on-demand service apps for your business now, just send us an email or visit our website, and we will help you with your needs.

Contributor: Deta Ayudhia S

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