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Everybody seems to be familiar with Tiktok, right? A video-based social media app that increasingly becomes hyped in these recent years. Why are there so many Tiktok users around the world that installed this app? Is there any huge impact from this app on society or even businesses? Many believed that Tiktok already changed how humans interacted with each other on the internet. Viral dance videos, dramas, or useful creative tutorials have flooded the timeline of this app. Tiktok already changed the experience of how to enjoying a video on the internet. Not the first time, though, Youtube and Vines already reach the video-based media in the beginning. But, Vines is out of business, and youtube is more likely to become more rigid and already have a fixed audience. In comparison, Tiktok can attract more audience from many various backgrounds with its fun and entertaining concept.

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TikTok Growth
The growth of Tiktok can be tracked through its appearance back in 2014. Started in Shanghai under the name of Musical.ly, it been hit the worldwide market as a video-music media app. At the same time, the big tech company of ByteDance in China released it under the name of Douyin. From 2016 until 2018, the App hit the U.S and Asian markets, with more than 400 million downloads. ByteDance continues to expand the exploded market and change it into Tiktok. 2020 was the turning point of this app, with an increase of 1.9 billion downloaded on google play and AppStore. Almost overtake Instagram and Whatsapp total achievement. The engaging video content on Tiktok can attract more and more audiences because people are found it entertaining yet easier to consume. The variety of video categories on Tiktok also becomes a substantial aspect of why this app grows ridiculously faster than any other media platform. You can almost find any videos from lip-syncing, dancing, tutorials, travels, education to business in a short-time video form. The built-in video editing features also ease users’ ability to create their own videos no matter how their capabilities are.

With the increasing amount of Tiktok users worldwide, you must be wondering how they can attract and bring more people to this app. This app algorithm answers why people are going into Tiktok and makes the app bigger every day. Besides the algorithm, the Tiktok videos’ concept allows everybody who wants to create and express themself so the other people can enjoy it. To understand the TikTok algorithm, we’ve already summarized why it can be peaked and loved worldwide.

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  • “For You” Page ( FYP )
    You will find this feature as you log in to the app. “For you” page is build to give TikTok users suggestions about what kind of videos they may interested in. As you login into the app, you will be shown various kinds of videos randomly. Then the app will note your activities and interactions with these videos. They will filter videos based on your interest, behavior, and watch time. For example, while watching a video about cooking tutorials or culinary mini-vlog videos on TikTok, the app algorithm will assume that you’re interested in foodies. Then, Tiktok FYP will suggest more video content related to food. This particular suggestion will lead Tiktok users to utilize the app as an entertainment platform in a better way. They will stay enjoyed things on the app that related to their interest.
  • Explore page / Trending Hashtag
    Besides the For You Page that already placed on the app’s landing page, there is another feature to explore more video content on this app. By clicking the discover icon at the bottom of the app, you will be switched to another page that allows you to discover more content. Go to the search box and type whatever kind of videos or creators on Tiktok, then boom! You will discover various kinds of videos based on keywords you already search for.
    Tiktok content popularity mainly works on the trending hashtags on the explore page. There will be huge popularity on a hashtag if it is used and posted by a lot of Tiktok users. The other creator on Tiktok will be aware of the popular hashtag and create content with that hashtag added in their post. This is how a single video could gain thousands, even millions of views and likes. The algorithm of Tiktok will connect these types of similar videos to make a fitted suggestion to the other users based on their interests.
  • Unlimited creativity
    Tiktok is already packed with a built-in video editing feature inside the app. This feature can ease TikTok creators to create content and edit videos without using third-parties apps. With easier access to expressing themself, Tiktok becomes more popular than Instagram or Snapchat. These features allow creators to add tons of filters, various background music, and video effects on their videos. Tiktok facilitates its users to becomes whomever they want to be. You’ll probably find many amateur videos of teenagers dancing filled your timeline. It shows that Tiktok provides professionals and amateurs to share their videos on the platform and facilitate everybody to create a video as they want to be.

The unlimited creativity will emerge from this app, as we can see how this app already brought so many creators and influencers throughout the process.

  • As we already know about Tiktok popularity, which has already become a global phenomenon, it can change how people connect and interact with others on the internet. They can utilize this new habitual into a new prospect in their business strategies by utilizing Tiktok to reach more new audiences and target market. Business players should know the opportunity behind this app. The company of ByteDance itself already became the most valued startup company in the world with a $140 Billion value. It is time for changing marketing style by joining the trends as long as it lasts.
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  • Higher engagement rate
    Tiktok intensively running on a higher engagement rate rather than any other social media platform. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, Tiktok already passed Instagram and Twitter engagement rates based on their user’s influence. Tiktok makes 9,38% and 8,13% on every user with more than 1000 and 10,000 followers on the app. While Instagram only emerges 7,2% and Twitter with only 1,4% on engagement rate. This proves that Tiktok can achieve more audiences with its immersive features. Business players can utilize this chance to create brand awareness in the new digital market scope.
  • Fast-paced media
    The track record of Tiktok growth through short years proves that this app can impact businesses faster. The increase of its users rapidly creates a bigger targeted market open for business players. It means there will be bigger fish to catch in a bigger pool. You can create an intriguing advertisement inside the app. There will be more conversions made by Tiktok users attracted to your ads by approaching these new targets.
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  • Create a short yet intriguing video
    To start advancing your business plan on Tiktok, you need to adapt to its core value of the app itself. You can begin to make a short video on the app. Convert your advertisement or campaign materials into short video form. Try to share informative or entertaining videos with implicit messages of your business. Jokes and memes format may fit with teenage audiences, while casual and informative videos will be more fitted with elder audiences. Make sure the campaign you made keeping up with the trends on Tiktok. Therefore, all of your campaigns and ads are not making instant conversion instead of creating a business awareness to Tiktok users. Make a soft selling within the app itself.
  • Create a video hook
    Providing campaign and advertisement on video format need to be well conceptualized. Tiktok may commonly consist of amateur and professional videos from various kinds of creators. It can be local teenagers, salarymen, artist, or influencers. But it would be best if you made your promotional videos look credible to convince the audience about your business. To gain more likes and views on Tiktok, you could improvise the video quality. Besides that, make sure that your video had a hook to attract viewers. It can be a cool lighting setup, amazing video editing effects, or intriguing thumbnails. Never use clickbait on every content you made because it can reduce audience trust toward your ads. Remember, the audience first impression is the key to achieve engagement on every media platform.
  • Remind your caption
    The caption seems underestimated on Tiktok videos. Many creators usually write a short caption on their content. Actually, the caption held an important role in almost every media platform. It is described and tell people about what happened with the video. To create an impactful advertisement or campaign on Tiktok videos, you need to mind your caption writing upon your content. It must deliver a message to audiences yet giving proper information about the product/businesses.
  • Relatable content
    Provide relatable content to your audiences. Scope your target market, choose the right approach to different kinds of audiences. There are so many cultural, age, and background differences on Tiktok users. Pick the right one that fitted into your business. Usually, jokes, dances, and other silly commercial videos will be acceptable by teenagers aged 17–30. It is related to how they spent their time on fun and entertaining things. Whilst casual and fun commercial may work with elder audiences aged 30–40 (adult audience).
  • The power of hashtags!
    Utilize the trending hashtags that already gain popularity on Tiktok. But remember, make sure that the content you provide can relate to the hashtags. If you were just put that hashtag into your post without any correlation between them, it would be marked as spam by the other users. Show your business credibility by providing content that went with the trends. Take a look at the Halloween event on Tiktok. You could create Halloween challenge videos with prizes to attract more audiences into your business. Create a creative hashtag like #spookyhalloweentreat or something else. Remember, audiences are likely to become aware of your business if you can bring entertaining content and activities on Tiktok.

Contributor : Abdul Hamid



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